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Information on services offered

Your Psychotherapist

Christine Rioux B.A. (Ps), B.A. Éd, M.A. Éd (Counselling), Clinical Psychotherapist - Certified Canadian Counsellor. Christine is a standing member of the College of registered Psychotherapists of Ontario, the Canadian Association of Psychotherapy and Counselling, and the Association for Behavioral and Congitive Therapies.

Duration of sessions

The duration of the sessions is generally 50 minutes and includes 10 minutes to keep patient records up to date.


(without 48 hour notice): You accept to pay half the negotiated fees.


The information disclosed during a session is strictly confidential unless
a) the law requires that confidential information be disclosed,
b) you or others are threatened (real and imminent danger,
c) a child needs protection, d) you have been sexually abused by a medical profesionnal, and
e) the information is shared during supervision.

Provincial medical insurance coverage

The Health Insurance Plans in Quebec and Ontario do not cover psychological services. However, fees for psychotherapy are recognized as medical expenses are tax deductible.

Insurance plan from your employer

Services may be covered, provided that your insurance company provides coverage for psychological services. Please check with your insurance company.