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Therapeutic approaches

Cognitive behaviour therapy

Cognitive and behavioral approach (CBT) is a therapy used over short to medium term treatment, usually lasting approximately 10 to 16 sessions.

It is an approach that is collaborative and adapted to each individual. The CBT puts less emphasis on the past and also focuses on teaching new behaviors and thoughts for a better adaptation to everyday life.

As such, it is important to realize that our thoughts (perceptions), our emotions and our behaviours are inter connected. It goes without saying that no tools are required, but the success of a therapy depends on the level of commitment and involvement. The more you apply the techniques, the higher the chances for success.

The following diagram depicts how CBT concepts can be applied.


Here are a few therapeutic and technical tools used in therapy:

Expression of emotions through the arts

The arts can be used as a means of expression of emotions during the therapy, for example, painting, drawing, plasticine. These techniques can be used in conjunction with the cognitive-behavioural approach.

Cardiac coherence

This therapeutic method, based on medical and scientific research, gained popularity and was broadly distributed by making publicly available software to help apply cardiac coherence. The principle is simple: a pulse sensor is placed on the finger or earlobe, it collects heart rate in real time and transmits data to a software that translates data into a graph easily interpretable. A true therapeutic tool in many fields, cardiac coherence is currently integrated in consultation with practitioners of all disciplines.